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Posted on May, 2015

What should I expect from music lessons?

This is a great question! One that I'm rarely asked when an inquiry is made to The Ontario College of Music. Instead. We are asked about price and the lesson times available. Think about this for a moment. Would you go to dinner at a restaurant, because it's cheap, and they have plenty of available reservations, but you won't know what you'll be eating there till you sit down to order? I think not! Take a moment and ask the most important question. What will I, or my child experience when they start music lessons? How does the process work over time?

Posted on April, 2015

Musical Therapy

I just sat down and played/practiced my drums for almost two hours. I got into the zone, time vanished and I entered my other world. When I was done my mind, and my body felt completely relaxed and clear. This is the result of the meditative state or zone that you can achieve when all thoughts and stresses are canceled out by only one main mental focus point. Your instrument!

Posted on March, 2015

Percussion School moves with the Times

Wellspring is a program offered at the Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Science Centre. Its wellspring.ca web site says research indicates drumming can help reduce stress as well as promote wellbeing.

Posted on February, 2015


Three important reasons for why Ontario College of Music offers Toronto's best drum lessons. The first and most important reason is that all of our drum teachers are professionals. All of them are experts at playing in a live setting and have spent many decades refining their own personal sound. For them, playing the drums is much more than just learning to play songs that are popular on the radio. According to the teachers at Ontario College of Music, sight-reading, learning different styles of playing and developing a disciplined practice routine are some of the foundational attributes a well-rounded drummer should have in their musical tool kit.

Posted on January, 2015


There's been quite a buzz happening here at the school since the summer has passed. Many people of all stripes have decided to either try a new instrument or continue where they left off many moons ago. Being in the middle of Leaside, our clients have been arriving from the surrounding area and beyond. Rosedale, Forest Hill, Riverdale, Cabbagetown, Moore Park, East York and Mount Pleasant just to name a few. I guess the main attraction with us is the caliber of the premises and staff we have here.

Posted on December, 2014


Check out the Robin Boers Trio if you would like a musical ride that's not for the feint of heart. These guys have been at the Montreal, Orangeville, Beaches, and Lewiston (USA) Jazz Festivals in the last while, earning kudos and re-dates along the way. A show at the Rex left the jazz fanatics in the crowd stunned at the sheer ability and skill they possess. Last night the boys were at the Tranzac Club with Robin (drums) and Kevin (bass) both on our staff here.

Posted on November, 2014


When looking up music schools in Toronto, what do you typically look for? If you’re adding a virtual check mark to any of the statements below, Ontario College of Music is the right school to choose out of all the music schools in the Toronto Area.