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Posted on May, 2015

What should I expect from music lessons?

This is a great question! One that I'm rarely asked when an inquiry is made to The Ontario College of Music. Instead. We are asked about price and the lesson times available. Think about this for a moment. Would you go to dinner at a restaurant, because it's cheap, and they have plenty of available reservations, but you won't know what you'll be eating there till you sit down to order? I think not! Take a moment and ask the most important question. What will I, or my child experience when they start music lessons? How does the process work over time?

All instruments are different in the way they are studied. Guitar, drums, percussion, piano, bass, woodwinds and voice(vocal) all have slightly different elements and learning curves necessary to be successful in playing them. A good experienced teacher is invaluable.

Firstly. Needs and expectations are addressed. Are you a total beginner or have you been played before? Have you had any previous music lessons? If so, what have you studied and what level are you at musically? Are you in a music program at school? Where do your musical tastes lie? ie. What styles of music or bands do you listen to?

These are all very important questions that are talked about in the first few lessons, in order give you the most enjoyable and effective learning experience possible. This is when the teacher is able to precisely construct a plan that will work, to take you in the direction you would like, or need to go. For instance. If your goal is to learn and play for fun, then, the lessons will contain a lot of playing and learning of techniques on the instrument to get you up and running without too much theory. If your goal is to work through the Royal Conservatory of Music grades, attend a music program in high school (Etobicoke School of the Arts, Cardinal Carter) or a post secondary music program (Humber College, Berkley School of Music) or to eventually become a professional performer, then, the instruction is more structured and serious.

In general. You play the important role in the creation of a music lesson experience by letting us know what you want and what you need.