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Best known for his work with Toronto psychedelic band, the Ugly Ducklings, Robin has been drumming since the 60's. After the demise of the Ducks, Robin chose to make drumming his career and vocation. Robin has been a drum teacher here at the Ontario College of Music since 1980.

With decades of experience as a drum teacher and performer, Robin Boers has seen it all. As the Head of Percussion at Ontario College of Music, he has taught students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and professional drummers. His ability to clearly communicate and demonstrate drumming concepts has been a boon to countless students and his experience touring, recording and teaching is an invaluable resource. He is one of Toronto's most knowledgable rock, jazz and fusion teachers. Many of his students have gone on to teach drumming or become accomplished rock and jazz drummers, including Howie Silverman (Moe Koffman), Greg Critchley (Kim Mitchell), and Jeff Salem (Saints & Sinners). Watch the video below for a sample of Robin's solo drumming or contact the school to book drum lessons with this outstanding drum teacher and performer.

Robin is an accomplished performer, band leader, and an incredible soloist. This video is a short sample of his skills, showcasing a combination of hand dexterity, four-way coordination, and Robin's capacity to create musical phrases on the drumset. Musicality and phrasing are an integral part of his performing and his teaching. Robin regularly includes such inspirational performances in his drum lessons, giving his students the desire to reach beyond their current drumming abilities, and showing them what is possible on the drumset and on the stage.

Robin has incredible versatility in all genres of music. Rock, jazz, R&B, fusion, funk, latin, rudimental, classical - Robin has left know stone unturned in his long playing career. This versatile and accomplished virtuoso played and recorded with the likes of B.B. King, Paul Shaffer, Jimi Hendrix, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and The Ugly Ducklings. He also played with the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, and local jazz favorites Dick Felix, Lenny Boyd, Norm Bernard (Woody Herman), and Cecil Frenette.

Robin's current project, the Robin Boers Trio, is a drumset, guitar and bass power trio playing intense jazz-fusion at the cutting edge of modern music. The previous incarnation of the trio included Hilario Duran on piano, Al Henderson on bass, and, of course, Robin Boers on the drums. The trio has performed at the Toronto Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival and many others throughout Ontario. Watch for the trio at Jazz and Blues festivals in your area.



Polyfiller: An ostinato based drum solo using odd-time phrases, polymeters, polyrhythms, artificial groups and atemporal playing.

Polyfiller Tutorial: This tutorial plays the original solo with simultaneous narration and notation. The narration is panned to one side and the solo to the other so you can mix the audio the way you prefer.