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Private piano lessons are available to meet the needs of the hobbyist and professional musician alike. The material covered in the lessons is tailored directly to meet the needs and aspirations of the student. Developing technique and music reading abilities are strongly emphasised alongside practical playing skills. All of our lessons are geared towards helping our students become confident and self-assured on their chosen instrument.


The piano studio at our music school is outfitted with a classic upright acoustic piano and bench. The studio itself is airy and bright, a perfect atmosphere for study.


MODERN - This program is designed for the student who eventually wants to posses a variety of playing styles. Those include Pop, R&B, Boogie Woogie, Blues, The Classics and Jazz. Students move through the various styles as their skill and needs permit. Again, the musical tastes of the student are important in putting together a lesson plan specific to the individual. Every one of our students is unique, and has a routine tailored to each ones ability and goals.

ROYAL CONSERVATORY - The RCM Program is taught at our school by teachers who are certified and registered with The Royal Conservatory of Music. This is important when it comes to being fully prepared for the exams, as one does not want to be weak in any area, or leave out any of the requirements needed when the exam is booked. Our success rate speaks for itself in this area of study.

HYBRID - Many students enjoy this program as it combines the varied styles of the Modern Program and the discipline of the RCM Program. You can move through a variety of materials and choose to either fulfill the exams requirements or just the learn the practical content with a little less focus on the theoretical portion. Again, this is specifically designed for your individual needs and enjoyment.

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