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Paul Robson, founder of the Ontario College of Music has had a storied history as a drummer and drum teacher. He has taught thousands of drummers both through his music school and through the Toronto School Board. He has strongly influenced drumset education and has been a leader and role model for countless drummers in Toronto, throughout Canada, and around the world. Paul Robson's approach to teaching the drums has provided many former students and current professionals with a grounded understanding of drumset performance and the theoretical components of music and rhythm theory. Blessed with a gift and a love of drumming, Paul has been an inspiration to a generation of drummers and drum teachers.

During the summer of 1965, Paul Robson opened a small drum school located on the second floor of a building at Yonge and Bloor Streets in Toronto. He recalls, "I think I had maybe fifty to one hundred students. Enrollment increased rapidly and I found there was a real need for sincere and quality instruction on the drum set." Keeping written notes on the method of teaching he used, Paul was able to publish the four book Paul Robson Percussion Series which consequently became very popular throughout Canada. In 1968, he purchased two buildings in the vicinity of Yonge and Davenport, one of which was for Music Instruction, the other a school dormitory for out of town/country students. The school was now named the Ontario College of Percussion. All of the percussion instruments were taught at the college including Music History, Arranging and Composition. Part and full time programs were part of the curriculum.