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At The Ontario College of Music, our reputation for turning students into professional musicians is hard to match. They've become drummers for Shawn Mendes and Katy Perry! Jammed with Sir Paul McCartney in his studio in Liverpool! Been nominated for a Grammy! Accepted into Berkeley Music Program! Need I say more? Our staff of professional performing musicians/teachers, giving first class practical and theory instruction, is second to none. However, finding the time to physically attend a music class can be difficult for some people. There are numerous reasons at this time to want to have a lesson from your home, office, or cottage. You may even live a distance from our school, where travel may be an issue. If any of those sound like you, then the best option may be to take online music lessons! At The Ontario College of Music, you can enjoy a free 30 minute online trial lesson. It can be guitar, piano, drums or woodwinds and more. A perfect way to improve your musical talent from your own location. Want to know more? Call us at (416) 483-9117 or send us an email.


You've decided to take one of our complimentary lessons. Give us a call or contact by e-mail. We will spend a few minutes discussing and asking questions so we may have a better idea of your musical goals.


  • What instrument are you interested in learning?
  • Who are the lessons for? You, your child, a friend?
  • How old is the student?
  • What are your goals? (personal enjoyment/hobby, professional vision, career in music etc.)
  • What is your schedule like, and when would be the best time for you?


The most important way to start, is to have the right chemistry between the student and teacher. We want to make sure that our students truly connect with their teacher. Our teachers have different musical skills and tastes, as well as abilities and personalities. All have different musical stories to tell based on their past experiences and education. Though, all of our teachers are accomplished musicians. Some are better with younger students, creating a more upbeat and fun session. While others are more suited for the adult or pro wanting a serious technical approach. You might be in the middle, wanting a blend of both styles. Regardless. Our goal is that you are happy with the outcome, and we will try our best to make that happen.


Everyone is different when it comes to learning to play music. You or your child may enjoy a 30 minute lesson once a week. Or. You may invite a more frequent and longer 1 hour lesson every day. The rules are, that you are happy with the length and frequency of the lessons. We will tailor a schedule to suit your needs and availability. No matter what your preference is, we’ll make sure you get the music lessons you need right from the comfort of your own home.


Whether you need to learn a new instrument or improve your skills on something you’ve been playing for years, The Ontario College of Music can help. With a free 30-minute trial, schedule flexibility, and your choice of the best teachers in Toronto, you can’t lose! There’s no better time to take that first step! Contact us now!