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Posted on April, 2015

Musical Therapy

I just sat down and played/practiced my drums for almost two hours. I got into the zone, time vanished and I entered my other world. When I was done my mind, and my body felt completely relaxed and clear. This is the result of the meditative state or zone that you can achieve when all thoughts and stresses are canceled out by only one main mental focus point. Your instrument! Throughout history, many cultures include musical chanting and rhythms into their spiritual and meditative practices as it helps one reach an alternate state of awareness. Why? FOCUS!! Playing and making music helps you to focus! Conclusion. PRACTICING and PLAYING MUSIC MAKES YOU SMARTER!!

Cognitive learning and thinking are both greatly improved by including a musical instrument in your life. Much of our brains remain unused and can be awakened by opening up the neurological pathways that the practicing and playing of an instrument involve. The motor skills required to play the piano, guitar and especially the drum set are developed to levels not previously possessed. Spacial thinking, organizational skills, focus, memory,limb independence are all greatly improved. The list goes on. Some doctors in the know, have suggested drumming to patients as a way of keeping Alzheimer's at at bay. The skills required to play the drum set effectively give the brain a super workout as control of the limbs and motor skills are challenged to the highest level. The worlds finest musicians happen to be smartest people on the planet as well. (Not all rock stars..sorry...more than not, fame and technical supremacy do not go hand in hand.)

Over the years as a teacher I have worked with many children and adults who have learning disabilities of different types. ADD and ADHD involving concentration and ability to focus on subject matter, stroke victims, autism and problems with motor skills have been some of the issues that the students have had. In all areas I have noticed that practicing, playing and simply enjoying music has helped most of these students with their challenges.

CONCLUSION: I urge anyone who is facing any type of challenge to explore music and the learning of an instrument. It can't hurt you. Just make you smarter!