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Lili is our resident "Classical Specialist". If you are choosing to take the R.C.M. route in piano study, Lili has the technical experience to help you move through the grades, knowing you will be fully prepared for each exam.

Lili is a graduate of Mirzoyan's Music School in Armenia, and has an ARCT Piano Performer's Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music, at which she is registered as a qualified teacher. With more than 21 years of piano performance experience, Lili has nurtured a teaching style that our students find fun, and enjoyable as well as being extremely effective, especially when tackling the practical and theoretical demands of the Royal Conservatory's curriculum. In addition, Lili has knowledge of, and experience in a wide range of musical paradigms and genres, allowing her to tailor lessons to the goals of each individual student.

Outside of OCPM Lili performs with in many different musical settings. She can be heard playing solo piano at different functions, to performing the high demands required of the keyboards in a progressive rock band.