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Drumset and Percussion

Piano and Keyboards

Guitars and Basses



The main interests in our school are the private one on one lessons that we offer. For the most part, they are designed to fit the individual student’s needs, unless of course, audition requirements need to examined and used as the lesson guideline. We try and maintain an upbeat, fun approach for the very young. When a child or pre-teen enjoys the teaching style and the lessons they are more likely to want to continue long term and also their practice routines are less of a chore. At the same time, we try and maintain the core fundamental and technical elements needed to become a well rounded and knowledgeable young musician.

For the advanced, intermediate and professional students, we still design a program that fits your needs and goals. Every one possesses different abilities and skills. Weather you are a hobby player or seasoned pro, our school has the ability to take your playing to a higher level of skill and enjoyment.

Throughout the year we continually run different group lessons and workshops. This brings students together in small, to large classes, so they may learn, and share, within the style or concept being presented. The classes are educational, practical, and social, which is important in the development of skills necessary to perform along side other musicians.

One of the goals most students have is to perform. They may not express this, but it is true. Even the shy students have been remarkably transformed into lovers of the limelight. We hold a function once a month and invite our students to take part in these performances. There may be a solo performer playing a piano piece, to a full band rocking it out, back to a guitar and conga duo with singer, making it an evening of fun for the student performers, and the audience who sometimes take part as well. With the help of our teaching staff and a few professional ringers it’s always a packed house.