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30 years of professional playing, 25 years of studio sessions, 10 years of teaching has brought Kevin to the Ontario College of Music. And we are proud to offer bass and guitar lessons with this seasoned and creative performer.

Kevin Mccloskey has been successfully teaching bass to beginner and advanced musicians since 2001. In his travels, Kevin has taught in Trenton, Ontario, in Alberta, and now he brings his experiences in teaching guitar and bass here in Toronto, at the Ontario College of Music. He has explored far ranging styles, beyond rock and country, past blues and jazz, and he has incorporated the roots of African and swing styles into his playing, along the way developing impressive finger technique. In your lessons with Kevin, you will draw on his experiences as you learn songs, mastering new techniques, and explore the bounds of creative bass playing.

Composition on it's own is a unique skill and a gift, one that Kevin demonstrates here in the video Anything with Strings Attached. However, the ability to execute a composition and truly do it justice is what sets him apart. The nuances of playing each instrument, beginning with the excellent intonation on the fretless bass, solid groove on the electric bass, warm and tonality on the upright bass, and dexterity and articulation on the acoustic guitar are only overshadowed by his brilliant improvisation, again, on the fretless bass.


Kevin's warmth and unassuming manner put his students at ease in the lesson studio. He excudes a passion for bass, guitar and music in general, inspiring his students with confidence in their instrument and in themselves. With clear communication and instruction, he continues to guide his students to better bass and guitar playing, a clear understanding of performing on these instruments, and the place of these instruments in contemporary music.