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Posted on January, 2015


There's been quite a buzz happening here at the school since the summer has passed. Many people of all stripes have decided to either try a new instrument or continue where they left off many moons ago. Being in the middle of Leaside, our clients have been arriving from the surrounding area and beyond. Rosedale, Forest Hill, Riverdale, Cabbagetown, Moore Park, East York and Mount Pleasant just to name a few. I guess the main attraction with us is the caliber of the premises and staff we have here.


Other schools are typically a musical instrument store that also gives lessons in a spare room in the basement (often by students who are still in school themselves). These schools, more often than not, provide you with music lessons by a different teacher every other week.

At the Ontario College of Music we have never held the above teaching practices and philosophies.

While we do sell various instruments to the public, this is not all we do. Over the decades we've been in business, we've managed to cultivate a positive and relaxed learning environment for musicians of all skill levels. Ontario College of Music employes a professional full time faculty of drum, guitar, piano and vocal teachers. When you sign up for music lessons with us - the lessons will be held at our school with a teacher specifically assigned to you. You'll notice quickly that we are professionals who are qualified to teach. Playing music - whether it be on a theatre stage, night club or recording studio is also a big part of our life as a professional musician. Be sure to ask your music teacher, "Where can I see you play"? The answer will give you excellent insight into the level of professionalism you will receive at your music lesson.