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Free 1 MONTH DRUMSET RENTAL with an 8 lesson commitment. VALUE OF $50.00. Call for details.

We provide focussed lessons for the serious minded student while also creating a relaxing atmosphere for the hobbyist. Our part-time program can be tailored to meet your needs, whether you want to learn to play drums along to favourite songs and with a band, or if you are a professionally minded drummer seeking an intensive program in any and all styles of drumming.

Our spacious drum studios are equipped with two drumsets and set up with modern audio equipment to create a realistic playing experience for our students. We will take you step by step from the basics of drumming to beyond playing your favourite songs and styles. Our approach as teachers is to help you acheive your goals on the drumset, whether drumming is your career or your favourite way to relax.

The drum school has a history of training students to become high calibre musicians, proficient in current styles of drumming. Weekly drum lessons for the hobbyist and a full-time professional program of music and drumset study allow us to provide a program of study most suited to the needs of our students. The drumset program follows a course of method books taking the student from novice to professional at a pace set by the student. Rhythm reading and chart reading abilities are developed alongside technical proficiency on the drumset.

"Great School for learning to play virtually any instrument that is heard in a typical band setting. Great price and location. I took drum lessons here for ten years and highly recommend it!" - Alessandro Colarossi, Toronto

"I spent several months training at the Ontario College of Music in preparation for the Bachelor of music program at Humber College. I found the teachers to be an excellent resource both because they know what it takes to make it in to the jazz program at Humber and because they are professional musicians with decades of experience behind them." Steven Donovan, Canada